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Junior Keys

(5-7 Year Olds)

Junior Keys is our premier foundation piano course. If your child hasn't already started in one of our younger programs there's no time to waste! In Junior Keys children develop a rich base of important musical skills, a strong platform on which to study any instrument in the future.

Your child will develop a set of musical skills essential for any budding musicians

Piano Keys

(8+ Years)

During this course, your child will develop a set of musical skills essential for any budding musician including reading, aural skills, keyboard harmony, pattern recognition, transposition, and theory.

Your child will be able do Foundation of Music Education (FME) examinations throughout the course. These exams are a fantastic way to consolidate learning and offer a positive exam experience.

Creative Keys

(After JK+PK)

On completion of Junior Keys or Piano Keys, it's on to Creative Keys to layer on top a whole new level of music skills and understanding.

Creative Keys 1 prepares student for the Gold Level examination awarded by the Foundation of Music Education (FME). The Bronze Level and Silver Level achievements are attained in earlier courses. Creative Keys 2 is aligned with the Grade 1 syllabus of ABRSM, with Creative Keys 3 and Creative Keys 4 being geared towards Grade 2.

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Learning music is so powerful...

Music learning enhances brain functions. These brain functions are not only better at processing and making music, their enhancements can transfer across to other brain functions that are not related to music!

girl at piano
Sensory Development

Developing the Ear

Aural development is essential to be able to play your favourite pop song. Many of our students are often working out songs from YouTube. Ear development is also crucial to language production and acquisition. We can't guarantee they'll listen any better to you... sorry ;-)

Fine Motor Development

Playing Skills

Playing a keyboard or piano is great fun. The integrated nature of piano, ie. uses both hands means there are many extra benefits according to the neuroscientists including enhanced thought processing helping at school.

Self Esteem

Making it fun!

Learning piano has previously been such a lonely activity. Children learn more effectively in groups and when parents attend the lessons really take off. You'll be amazed at how children are competitive in a nice way with their friends.

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